About the Artist

Artist Lori Brewer and her dog Tessa

Lori Brewer is a professional apparel artist specializing in ornamentation of women’s clothing. Her medium for Embellish Me Beautiful apparel is a “spangle,” a uniquely flat, smooth, heat-applied adornment, which offers all the vibrant color and fiery brilliance of a rhinestone. An essential aspect of Lori’s embellishments is that they are perfectly smooth, and will not irritate the skin, snag clothing or scratch hard surfaces. 

A core purpose of Embellish Me Beautiful ornamentation is empowerment: feeling beautiful and embracing who you are through gorgeous and functional apparel that sparkles with color, while providing comfort and stretch with every move your body makes.

In today’s world, women are busier than ever, often fulfilling multiple roles every day: running a home, working, and exercising. This is true for Lori as well. She works out every morning, often going straight back to work at her home office or running errands around town. Her mix and match designs add style and attitude that work for almost any casual occasion, from school meetings, to the market, to lunch. Swap out sport shoes for a fun bootie or low heel, and a new look has been achieved!

In Lori’s words:
“I believe women are creatures of strength. We are capable of enduring, enjoying, and thriving. My designs work for all women—women of any age, size or shape, who embrace the idea that no matter what we are doing, we can feel beautiful, confident and comfortable with ourselves.”